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IABC Awards

Showcase your skills or recognize someone else’s talents through IABC’s awards. 


Each year, we award the IABC Great Plains Communicator of the Year Award to one outstanding communicator in our region. 

In addition to demonstrating leadership and excellence, the Communicator of the Year is someone who has contributed to the communications process through outstanding and effective communication programs. They encourage professionalism and integrity and volunteer in their community.

  • Nominations open in September and must be submitted by Feb. 28 each year. The winner is announced each May at our Communicate Stronger conference.

  • Nominees do not have to be a current IABC member but need to live in the Great Plains region, which includes North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.

Regional Recognition


Silver Quill Awards
The Silver Quill Awards are presented to outstanding professionals in the Pacific Plains Region  who have proven that their communication programs effectively furthered the goals of their organizations. The award recognizes excellence within 25 categories of business communications.

International Recognition

Gold Quill Awards
The Gold Quill Awards is IABC’s premier program recognizing and fostering excellence in the field of business communication. This award is administered by the International Association of Business Communicators. The winners are celebrated each year at the IABC World Conference.

Communicator of the Year: Our Past Winners

We launched the Communicator of the Year Award in 2019. Past winners include:

  • Laura Lueder, 2023 Communicator of the Year

  • Emily Dalzell, 2022 Communicator of the Year

  • Anne Hansen, 2021 Communicator of the Year

  • Tracie Bettenhausen, 2020 Communicator of the Year

  • Marci Narum, 2019 Communicator of the Year

  • Tracy Finneman, 2019 Emeritus Communicator of the Year

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