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Marlo Anderson

Marlo Anderson

Marlo Anderson, a serial entrepreneur and futurist, is best known for being the founder of National Day Calendar.

The “influencer to influencers” trended over 450 times on social media last year and has a reach in the hundreds of millions. 

National Day Calendar is followed daily by more than 20,000 media outlets, including Elvis Duran, Ellen Degeneres, Fox & Friends and Good Morning America.

This social media phenomenon is also the host of the radio show The Tech Ranch and affectionately known to his followers as “The Guru of Geek.” This unique platform has given Marlo first-hand knowledge in emerging technology trends and hardware.

With a passion for start-ups, Marlo has been directly involved in the creation of Pakkage, Talking Trail, Zoovio, Awesome 2 Products, Q1 Network and National Day Calendar.

Social Daze

Get ready to unlock the power of trending topics on social media and drive your business to success! Join National Day Calendar founder Marlo Anderson as he shares his expertise. Learn how to boost traffic, establish authority and rev up sales for your business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your marketing game.

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