Keenan Hauff

Keenan masters in outside the box thinking and acts as the Director for Threefold. He was born and raised in Bismarck and is a graduate of North Dakota State University.  After graduating from NDSU, Keenan Co-Founded Threefold with his brother Caleb. Threefold is an award-winning creative video agency and production company, passionately chasing the real stories, resilient people and tenacious work of the Midwest and beyond. Threefold has a mission to help brands create compelling, high-end video content.

Keenan married Hannah in 2018 and they have a beautiful daughter named Ellouise. Outside of work, Keenan is a plant hobbyist and mixology connoisseur.

Why Storytelling is Worth It

In this talk, we’ll take you through the importance of storytelling. Why storytelling for your organization is worth your time, your effort and sometimes even your dollars. Attention is the new currency and the organizations with the best storytelling will win.