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Kari Pollert

Combine data, brand strategy and digital marketing, and you have Kari. Serving as the Marketing Manager at Sea Foam International, Kari oversees the company’s international marketing strategy in Canada, the United Kingdom, China and other parts of the world. She is responsible for global marketing plans, budgets and campaigns.

After spending eight years in the financial services industry, Kari recently moved into the automotive aftermarket industry and has dived head-first into all things engines.

Kari earned a BS in business management and international business from Minot State University and an MBA from the University of Mary.

Outside the office, Kari enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, Trevor, and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Ask her about her risotto ... It’s her secret talent.

The World Is Before You

Navigating through a change of industries and marketing internationally

When it comes to your career, taking a risk with a new company is always nerve-wracking … so what about navigating to a different industry altogether? In this session, Kari Pollert will share how she navigated from the financial services industry to becoming the head of marketing for an international manufacturing company headquartered right here in Bismarck. Get tips for having the courage to take a leap of faith and learn how to boldly dive into your next role. 


Kari will also share how she’s approached marketing on an international scale in Canada, the United Kingdom and beyond. 

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