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John T. Meyer

Keynote speaker

John T. Meyer is on a mission to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. John has spent more than 14 years learning leadership on the job by trying, making mistakes, and pushing himself and his teams to be Better Every Day. 

In 2011, John co-founded Lemonly, a design firm that helps the world's best brands like Netflix, Marriott, Major League Baseball, and Google tell their story. As Lemonly's CEO, John built a strong company culture, gaining regional and national attention and becoming one of the best places to work in the Midwest. 

In 2021, John sold the company and is now on to what he calls his Chapter 3, coaching agency founders to grow to their first million in revenue with January

John is married to his wife, Paige Pearson Meyer, and loves being a girl dad to Margot and Liv. John enjoys running, travel and finding the next big idea. 

Better Every Day

John will kick off the conference with an inspirational message about personal and professional development. He’ll talk about being antifragile, taking risks and trying new things – and why this approach is the best way to live. You won’t want to miss this motivating monologue.

Timeless Teams

What is it about great teams that makes them great? John will discuss common characteristics of the best teams of all times and contemplate how we can replicate those characteristics in our companies and organizations. How can we communicate better to align better – and ultimately perform better? You’ll come away from this presentation with inspiration and tactics to improve your own team.

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